My OFX (formerly NZForex) Review & Special Offer *NO FEES*

Our OFX (formerly NZForex) Review & Special Offer!

Are you transferring money to New Zealand?

We Have Secured a Special Offer from OFX (formerly known as NZForex) exclusively for our readers.OFX

You now have access to Free Money Transfers For LIFE!

There is no promo code required either.

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New Zealand

To access the special offer of no transfer fees you must click on the links above to ensure OFX know you were referred from my blog (you will know when you see PID=12410 in the web address bar on your web browser).

Transferring money is something that everyone moving to New Zealand has to do at some stage.

From personal experience I know that transferring from your local currency into New Zealand Dollars can be a costly and tedious process. When we moved to New Zealand the first mistake we made (read more here) was using our local bank to transfer money. The fees the banks charge for currency transfer are horrendous. We were referred to OFX by friends and they really made the whole process so simple and hassle free.

This is why we are proud to partner with OFX to ensure you receive the best possible exchange rates and don’t get ripped off by the big banks. We have secured a special offer whereby our readers don’t pay any transfer fees!

Whether you’re transferring money to or from New Zealand, it’s FREE.

Remember, you can open your New Zealand bank account before you arrive in New Zealand. 

It is a very straightforward process which will only take you around 10 minutes to complete and will save you the hassle of having one more thing to arrange when you arrive. This will be the easiest aspect of moving to New Zealand.

I highly recommend that you open a New Zealand bank account and transfer money before you leave.

The vast majority of expats wait until they arrive in New Zealand to start thinking about opening a bank account and it is a slow process and a hassle you don’t need when starting a new life in a foreign country.

You also have the option of locking in an exchange rate now for when you’re transferring large sums of money.

Generally most expats will take advantage of this option when making their first transfer to New Zealand as it is usually the largest transfer they will make.

We personally have a transfer setup each month as we have student loans back in the UK which we are still paying off – it works really well as we know exactly how much to budget for.

Not Ready To Sign Up for OXF Now?

If you’re not ready to transfer money to New Zealand that’s fine. You can create an account today – in just three simple steps – and your account will be ready to go when you are.

Or if you prefer you can sign up later on. Just remember to make sure you sign up to OFX from our blog to make sure you receive the special offer and get free transfers for life.

You’ve probably heard of OFX before too. In Australia they were previously known as OzForex, in the US they were known as USForex, in the UK they were known as UKForex and in CanadianForex.

New Zealand Dollar News

When you’re planning your move to New Zealand you will want to start keeping an eye on the currency market.

It’s a secret expat habit (or addiction!) that no one tells you about. It’s not until you’re planning your move that you become aware of it.

The reality is that it’s a waste of time until you’re actually ready to transfer money.

You will likely want to keep an eye on the current rates from time-to-time and the best way to do this is by signing up for OFX Rate Alerts when you setup your account.

The only reason you’re looking is to see if the current exchange rate is in your favour – if it is then you’re going to take the opportunity to lock in a great rate.

Below is how the New Zealand Dollar is currently performing in case you’re interested or were thinking about making a transfer…


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