Dealing with Anxiety and Indecision

Dealing with Anxiety and Indecision

Even with the best laid plans there will be the inevitable stresses and strains that come at the end. It is at this stage in the process that, you may be met with moments of indecision, that is, when you find a moment to stop and think amongst the multitude of tasks that need to be completed. The reality that you have reached this stage can also bring on some anxiety and fear. You may even find yourself wondering if you should be moving at all. Suddenly you are filled with indecision and worry about whether this is right.

You may experience moods shifts. One minute you want to go and the next you don’t want to go. You feel like a pendulum in full swing. These feelings are linked to the sudden realisation that you are swapping your comfortable life which you have organised so carefully for the unknown adventure. It is normal to feel these pangs of indecision creeping in as the day to leave draws closer. These feelings are an inert form of protection that enables us to survive in our world.

But just imagine if we gave in to every feeling of indecision? If we did, there is probably little that we would do in life after weighing up the odds of most things each day. These feelings of self-doubt are rooted in fear and anxiety and allow you take a step back and work out what  worrying you.

Your mind will bring up countless ‘ What ifs…

‘What if …I don’t like it?’

‘What if…my partner doesn’t like it?
What if…the kids don’t like it?’
What if…I can’t find a job?’
What if…

Sometimes, in the weeks and even days before the final move day, many people find themselves going through these emotional highs and lows. This is a perfectly normal reaction when going  through such a major life changing decision. Such fears are natural and it is how you react to them that are crucial to the success of your move at this stage.

Turn these What ifs into positives.

‘What if…you absolutely love it!
What if…you wondered why you didn’t do this sooner!
What if…you meet new interesting people!
What if…it changes your life!
What if…you simply just love it!

I recommend that you return to your list of reasons why you wanted to move abroad, re-read the list you completed of the pro’s and con’s and connect with what brought you to where you have arrived today. Remember that there are no right or wrong decisions in life there are many paths that will lead you onto new and different adventures.

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