About Sam & Jenny

Hi there!

We are Jenny & Sam Smith.

In 2018 we decided it was finally time for a change in our lives and made the move to New Zealand. We had had enough of the traffic and congestion in London and decided to take our chances and make the move to Auckland.

We decided to start this website to share the best of what we know when it comes to making the big move. When we were researching our move we couldn’t find a lot of stories about people who had actually made the move and thought we would create a website to act as a ‘moving to NZ checklist’, where we could cover all of the important questions and share the mistakes we made and how to avoid them.

A little about ourselves…

  • We are 30-something and currently have two children
  • We do not regret making the move at all!
  • We both work full time and this blog is a hobby of ours
  • We moved over with our family dog Charlie
  • We don’t have any family in New Zealand – they’re all back in the UK
  • Sam is in IT and had a job offer before we made the move

So, where should you start?

We recommend you start with our Moving to New Zealand Checklist which outlines everything (well almost everything) you need to think about when planning your move to NZ.

If you have any questions or want to share your story please do contact us.

Here is our story…

In the summer of 2018 I made the decision to move my family across the world from the UK to New Zealand. Whilst, my moving abroad experience is unique, the experiences we have encountered will be similar to those faced by all families planning on moving abroad and I hope that this blog will help other families who are thinking of making that move abroad. When I looked for similar experiences of families trying to achieve a new life abroad, there weren’t many. I guess many families just don’t have the time to write their moving abroad stories, so I’ve decided to write my story after procrastinating for so long.

The whole process of moving abroad, starting from the first application till we were ready to make the move, took us almost three years in the planning. My children were 15 and 11 years old when I started the application process. By the time our residency visas came through, my eldest had just completed her A levels. She was 18 years old and decided that she did not want to join us on our journey abroad any longer. Despite all my protests, bribes and pleas, I was unable to convince her to come with us. After waiting three years for our dream to happen, it was suddenly under threat. After much soul searching, I decided to go ahead with our plans to start a new life abroad leaving her behind in the UK.

If any parent has struggled with the “letting go” process of when their child leaves for university for the first time, try leaving them and then moving halfway across the world!
We settled her into university or so I thought…

I quit my well standing job as a travel agent with a comfortable salary and pension plan.

I sold our lovely home on the outskirts of London.

I sold my faithful little car.

I watched our valued possessions being bubble wrapped, itemized and coded ready for the arduous journey across the seas.

Then armed with one suitcase each, we set off on our 24-hour marathon journey to our new life down under.

Tinged with sadness to leave behind my older daughter, family and great friends we had made over the years, but with a sense of elation that at last, I had made this dream come true.

The move was not without its ups and downs. Hindsight, as they say, is a great teacher.

This was a life-enriching experience and one that I would not have changed. We have had our adventure and we lived the dream.

Sometimes when you search for your dream, you need to open your eyes because if you look you may find that you may already hold the answer to your dreams.

This move has taught me many lessons; this blog is a collection of all the things I wish I knew – How To Move To New Zealand.

You have one life so choose how you experience it – Here’s to living your dream.

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