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Free Advice On Moving To New Zealand from Someone Who Has Actually Made The Move

We moved from London, United Kingdom to Auckland, New Zealand. At the time of our relocation to NZ we couldn’t find a comprehensive resource to help us with emigrating to New Zealand, so we created this one. Here are some free tips and advice we wish we knew before we made the move to save you time, money and stress. This guide is specifically for those moving from the United Kingdom to New Zealand but it is actually useful for anyone moving to New Zealand from around the world, as the same checklist applies.

If you have any comments or queries about the information provided here please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact page. We wish you the best of luck with your move to New Zealand, (in Maori – “Aotearoa” – “The Land of the Long White Cloud”)!


What is covered in this moving to New Zealand checklist?

We have put a lot of effort into creating the most comprehensive guide we could, Following our research and preparation for our move to New Zealand. We want to share our findings (and mistakes!) with you to ensure you move is as hassle-free as possible. Here is an overview of what we cover in this guide:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): this is a good place to start to see our most popular FAQs. This page will provide you with what you need to consider when planning your move to NZ. You can also check out our blog for great practical and actionable advice if you don’t find what you’re looking for in the below list. (this page is coming soon).
  2. NZ Visa Requirements: read this section to find out which visa you need and understand the differences between living in New Zealand as a resident or a citizen. Learn about the exact requirements to move to New Zealand.
  3. Becoming a New Zealand Citizen: considering becoming a New Zealand citizen? Firstly you will need to become a New Zealand resident. The various pathways available towards residency and citizenship will depend on when you moved to New Zealand. Read through this section to find out everything you need to know on becoming a Kiwi.
  4. Moving Your Money To New Zealand: clearly you want to ensure you get the best deal you can on converting your hard-earned pounds sterling into New Zealand dollars. Here we share our experiences in setting up a New Zealand bank account before leaving the UK, and how to get the most New Zealand dollars for your pounds (or whichever currency you’re transferring from).
  5. The Cost of Living in New Zealand: learn how much money you will need to maintain your current standard of living and just how far your money will go in NZ.
  6. Healthcare in New Zealand: get information on how you are covered for both emergencies and less serious health issues under the New Zealand public healthcare system.
  7. Shipping Your Stuff to New Zealand:the big decision is whether to sell your stuff or ship some (or all of it) to New Zealand. This can be one of the most difficult decisions to make prior to the move It certainly was for us, not having moved internationally before. In this section you can learn from our experiences and make the right decision.
  8. Best Time To Visit New Zealand: here we look at the best time of the year to visit New Zealand and provide a guide to what’s happening in NZ each month.
  9. Getting a New Zealand Driver’s Licence: it’s pretty straightforward for Brits to get a New Zealand driver’s licence. It generally just involves completing a form, making an appointment to get a new photo along with taking an eyesight test and verifying your identity.
  10. Working in New Zealand: in this section you can learn all about New Zealand jobs and employment options, along with tax and other aspects of starting work in New Zealand.
  11. Finding Somewhere to Live in New Zealand: it has become dearer and more competitive to find a rental home in NZ’s major cities, which is why you will want to read about our experience of finding a rental home in Auckland. We also discuss which are the best places to live in NZ.
  12. Buying a Home in New Zealand: are you looking at buying a home in New Zealand instead of renting? Get a head start by reading our home buying guide.
  13. Taking Your Pets With You To New Zealand: are you considering taking your cat or dog with you to NZ? Coming from the UK there is a 10 day quarantine period for pets. We’ve got some excellent advice in this section to help you bring your furry friends in without any hassles.

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